• September 29, 2017
  • 6:00 pm
  • Pecan Park behind City Hall

Gump Fiction live onstage for Finally Friday, The Craft Stand and Food Vendors, Games and Activities.  Bring blankets or lawn chairs to shady Pecan Park, Behind City Hall at W. Arch and S French Streets.  Free Admission.

Gump Fiction is a high-octane, nostalgia-fueled time-machince with one radical destination.  The 1990’s.  They will take you back to the days of dial-up internet, slap bracelets, tamagotchi pets, and the music you forgot you loved.  These four guys and one girl bring a premium, customizable entertainment package that can include extra options, such as 90’s dance music between sets, 90’s trivia, and an authentic, old-school 90’s arcade with all of the classic games to really bring the decade alive.  Since 2012, the band has performed hundreds of shows across the southeast, including small, corporate events and high-profile, city-wide festivals for crowds of over 25,000.  No matter the size of the show, the members of Gump Fiction pride themselves in tailoring each performance to the unique requirements of the event.  These five individuals have a passion for developing each show specifically to the needs of the client and the desires of the audience.  Gump Fiction is professional, experienced and committed to take your event to the next level through quality music, entertaining showmanship, and your favorite hits of the 90’s!  The members have vocals and playing the kazoo in common.  The lead guitarist of the group is Dan Bonfili.  Sean Hartis is the percussionist.  Nick Loder plays the guitars, keys and percussion.  Ken Shufelt plays bass.