On Friday, 2/16/2018 School Resource Officers and Investigators were made aware of an incident where Lancaster High School students overheard two fellow students discussing “shooting up the school”.  A concerned student called their parent, at which point school officials were notified of the situation.  Investigators responded immediately and an in-depth investigation concerning the validity and specific nature of these allegations was initiated.  One of the students, a 15 year old juvenile who will remain unidentified, was interviewed and then transported to Springs Memorial Hospital for further evaluation.  The following day (2/17/2018), he was charged via Juvenile Petition for disturbing schools and transported to a Department of Juvenile Justice facility in Columbia.

 On 2/19/2018, a 17 year old student, one Launte Ahmadre Holmes of Lancaster was charged and arrested with one count of Disturbing schools. Holmes was booked, processed and later released on bond.

 At this time there is no information that suggests a continued threat to Lancaster High School Students. The Lancaster Police Department and the Lancaster County School District are committed to providing a safe learning environment for our children. As such, we will continue to fully investigate any actions or information that might come to our knowledge.

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