The journey through the criminal justice system can be intimidating, frightening and confusing. The terminology is unfamiliar and there can be frustrating delays. Victims also may require assistance in knowing where to seek help with problems that occur either because of the crime or due to their court appearance.

Our Victims’ Services provides victims of crime with an advocate who is specifically trained and assigned to address their needs.

Below is a list of services provided.

  • Provide emotional and moral support.
  • Identify and inform victims of crimes of their rights under the law.
  • Conduct on-the-scene crisis intervention.
  • Act as a liaison between victims, police officers, investigators and community-based agencies.
  • Arrange for professional counseling.
  • Provide information and referrals.
  • Educate Law Enforcement and victims of new laws pertaining to victimization.
  • Assist victims in filing applications for the victim’s compensation fund through the Governor’s Office Division of Victim Assistance to help with medical expenses, lost wages, counseling expenses and funeral expenses.
  • Help prepare victims for court and to provide court advocacy and accompaniment.
  • Provide information regarding current status of case.
  • Provide follow-up services to victims of violent crimes and their families including crisis counseling, transportation to court, court advocacy, etc.


Sabrina Culp
Victims Advocate