The white male shown in this photograph approached the “drop box” at Lancaster Financial on Woodland Drive Sunday night (4/8/18). The suspect drops an envelope in the drop box, looks around and leaves. The suspect returns a short time later carrying a long stick which he puts through the drop box entry point. The suspect then picks up several envelopes that contained customer payments and leaves the area. The suspect appears to be in his later 40’s to early 50’s, around 5ft 9in to 5ft 11in in height and around 200 to 225lbs. The truck is a dark colored Chevrolet 1500 with the “cat eye” style headlights, with what appears to be a tool box with a railing on top and is possibly an extended cab or a crew cab. Any information pertaining to the identity of this suspect, please contact Detective Sgt. Johnson with the Lancaster Police Department via email, djohnson@lancastercitysc.com , Office 803-289-6035 or Cell 803-804-5249

Juvenile and adult student charged with making threats at Lancaster High School

On Friday, 2/16/2018 School Resource Officers and Investigators were made aware of an incident where Lancaster High School students overheard two fellow students discussing “shooting up the school”.  A concerned student called their parent, at which point school officials were notified of the situation.  Investigators responded immediately and an in-depth investigation concerning the validity and specific nature of these allegations was initiated.  One of the students, a 15 year old juvenile who will remain unidentified, was interviewed and then transported to Springs Memorial Hospital for further evaluation.  The following day (2/17/2018), he was charged via Juvenile Petition for disturbing schools and transported to a Department of Juvenile Justice facility in Columbia.

 On 2/19/2018, a 17 year old student, one Launte Ahmadre Holmes of Lancaster was charged and arrested with one count of Disturbing schools. Holmes was booked, processed and later released on bond.

 At this time there is no information that suggests a continued threat to Lancaster High School Students. The Lancaster Police Department and the Lancaster County School District are committed to providing a safe learning environment for our children. As such, we will continue to fully investigate any actions or information that might come to our knowledge.

Chief Grant responds to Lancaster News Column

On Friday morning a column was published in the Lancaster News. You can read this column here. http://www.thelancasternews.com/content/i-slam-down-phone-and-stomp-out-newsroom .

Chief Grant’s response:

“Hey, have you read the paper this morning?’ “No, not yet” I respond. It had been a busy night/morning. I pull my phone out and hit the bookmark. Well, there it is… I read the Column. I don’t know whether to laugh or cuss, so I do both.

I remember the conversation I had at length with the author of this piece. Where I tried my best to make her understand why everything going on in a homicide investigation, can’t be released to the public in real time. How the publics’ right to know cannot trump the victims right to be heard.

I remember time and time again trying to make her understand that nothing is more important than insuring the integrity of an investigation. That it is the only way we can insure the Solicitor is given the very best case possible with which to work. How sometimes what might be considered even a minor detail can have major implications if it is released too soon. How a case tried excessively or extensively in the media, might not ever have its day in court and how those defendants must have access to a fair and impartial jury.

I think to myself that even after allowing her unrestricted access to a homicide investigation as it unfolded in real time, she still don’t understand.

An investigation is nothing short of scared to us. We bear the responsibility of speaking for the victim. It is our officers who worked tirelessly to give Lillian a voice; to tell her story and hold those responsible, accountable. It was our officers and fireman that tried everything they could to save her life. It was our officers that then went home with tears in their eyes and a shadow on their soul, waking up their own children just so they could hold them close and tell them that they loved them.

Part of me says “Grant, evoke your 24 hour rule…” That part usually wins, but I don’t think it gets the win today.

Justice when won, is won in a court of Law, but there are no guarantees. You have to fight for it. There are times I would like to shout the things we know from the roof tops, but that would be a short lived victory. I walk back into the Special Operations Unit Offices, My old office before I was appointed Chief. I see the photo of Lillian on my investigators desks. I see the files and photos of other victims, some solved, some still being worked daily. I am content in knowing we are doing everything we can to resolve those cases and give answers to the families of those victims. To speak for them. To give them Justice, while still keeping the public as informed as we can, under the circumstances.

I don’t doubt the sincerity and the dedication of the author. Her conviction to her craft. In fact, I admire those traits. I have said as much on more than one occasion.

Again I ponder the merits of my self-imposed 24 hour rule. Give yourself 24 hours to calm down a little and think over your response.

It don’t win today…Send it.

Chief Scott Grant
Lancaster Police Department

Police investigate Arch Street shooting



On August 18th, at approximately 10:15 PM, officers received a call of shots fired from citizens standing in the area of Hughes and Gay Streets.  The citizens reported that the shots did not originate from that area, but were most likely fired from an area south of that location.  These same shots were also heard from officers who were in this general area, however due to the distance between themselves and the shots, they could not pinpoint an exact location.

At 10:21 PM officers received a report from Springs Memorial Hospital that a gunshot victim had been brought  to the Emergency Room by private vehicle.  Upon arrival, officers learned that a 17 year male had received a single gunshot wound and was in critical condition.  Upon interviewing the subjects that accompanied the victim the to E.R., it was determined that this incident took place in the 400 block of E. Arch Street.  Officers were then able to locate the actual scene where the incident took place.

The gunshot victim was airlifted to a Charlotte area hospital where he remains in critical condition.  The Police Department continues to investigate this incident.  Anyone with information is asked to contact us at (803) 283-1171 or through the Anonymous Tip Line at (803) 289-6040. 

Update (8/22/2017)

The victim  in this shooting has been identified as 17 year old Daquan Blackmon, also from Lancaster, SC.  Unfortunately Mr. Blackmon passed away earlier today. A forensic autopsy is scheduled for 08-23-2017.  This investigation continues and there will be no  further details released at this time. Our prayers remain with the family and everyone who has been touched by this senseless tragedy.


Update (8/25/2017)  Arrest made in the death of Daquan Blackmon

On 8/24/2017 Investigators presented the facts of this case before a Municipal Judge seeking an arrest warrant on Travis Belk, 25 of Lancaster, for the charge of Murder. Belk was a passenger in the vehicle along with the victim, Daquan Blackmon at the time of this incident. Our investigation determined that Belk, while feloniously firing his weapon at another person, also fired the shot that hit and ultimately took the life of Daquan Blackmon.

Belk was located by the Chester County Sheriff’s Office and taken into custody later that evening (8/24/17).   He will be transported back to Lancaster later today where he will appear before a judge for a bond Hearing. As this case continues it is possible that there will be additional charges, both on Belk and others.

We are thankful for the ability to give the family of Daquan Blackmon some answers. We know however that these answers will fall short of providing them any peace in the wake of such a needless tragedy. Our thoughts and prayers remain with Daquan’s family . – Chief Scott Grant.


Update (8/25/2017)  Second arrest made in the death of Daquan Blackmon

On 8/24/2017 Investigators presented the facts of this case before a Municipal Judge seeking an arrest warrant on Quinterius Lamont Clinton, 23 of Lancaster, for the charge of Accessory after the Fact of Murder. Clinton was the driver of the vehicle, with the victim Daquan Blackmon and Travis Belk as passengers at the time of this incident. Our investigation determined that Clinton withheld information vital to this case, namely that Travis Belk was shooting from the vehicle, in an effort to conceal Belk’s involvement in the death of Daquan Blackmon. Clinton came to the Police Department earlier today  (8/25/2017) of his own free will. He was arrested for the aforementioned warrant. During bond hearings his bond, as well as that of Belk were both denied.

Police Investigate Clinton Avenue Shooting


On August 15th, at around 4:19 A.M., Officers responded to the 400 Block of Clinton Avenue in reference to a medical Call.  Upon arrival it was determined that the homeowner was actually the victim of an apparent Home Invasion style robbery and had been shot.  The victim was treated by EMS and transported to Springs Memorial Hospital for further treatment. The victim remains in stable condition; at this time his injuries do not appear to be life threatening.  The victim could describe his attackers only as three male subjects.  Investigators continue to canvas the area in hopes of locating anyone who might have seen something. As this investigation continues, we would urge anyone who may believe they know/observed something that could possibly aid this investigation, to come forward. Oftentimes the slightest detail, which might seem insignificant at the time, can prove invaluable to an investigation.  The Victim is an adult male, no further information concerning his identity will be released at this time.



(803) 283-3313          

 ANONYMOUS TIP LINE: (803) 289-6040