Deputy Chief

Steven Rice
Deputy Chief of Police


Officers in the Patrol Division are responsible for answering service calls, enforcing traffic laws and investigating collisions, warrant service, primary tactical response and order maintenance. The Patrol Division is divided up into four watches/shifts, each consisting of a lieutenant, sergeant, corporal and three officers.

Patrol Division Commander

Support Services

The Support Services Division consists of the 911 Communications Center, Training and Safety, the Records Division, a Victims’ Advocate, school resource officers, crime prevention, dealing with evidence and community policing. This division is also responsible for organizing special events and providing security for city and school events.

Capt. Dwayne Davis
Support Services Division Commander

Public Information

Lancaster Police Department’s Public Information Officer answers all media inquiries into cases, investigations, department affairs and activities and responds to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.

Erin Tindal
Public Information Officer

Special Operations

The Special Operations Unit is responsible for the criminal investigations, including murder, robberies, rape, burglary, forgery and arson. It also investigates crimes associated with gang activity and those associated with illegal drugs.
Each of the detectives has received specialized training in many different areas, including investigations, crime scene management and photography and interview and interrogation skills.

Lt. Paul Knight
Special Operations supervisor
Office Number
803-283-1170 or 803-283-3313
Anonymous Crime Tip Hotline
(803) 289-6040

Call for Complaint on Police Officer Conduct Hotline: 803-804-1718

Call 911 for Emergencies

Lancaster Police Department Citizen Complaint/Commendation Form