The Support Services Division consists of the 911 Communications Center, Training and Safety, the Records Division, a Victims’ Advocate, school resource officers, crime prevention, dealing with evidence and community policing. This division is also responsible for organizing special events and providing security for city and school events.

Capt. Dwayne Davis
Support Services Division Commander

Training/Safety Services

Training and Safety Services is responsible for pre-service training as well as in-service training for all full-time and reserve officers. All officers are trained in using firearms, emergency vehicle response and dealing with criminal domestic violence, among a variety of other training areas. This section is constantly seeking to bring superior courses and seminars to the Lancaster area, including various hands-on training. Throughout the year, officers are not only placed in a classroom setting, but are put into everyday scenarios to better prepare them for situations encountered in the field.

Victims Services

The journey through the criminal justice system can be intimidating, frightening and confusing. The terminology is unfamiliar and there can be frustrating delays. Victims may also require assistance in knowing where to seek help with problems that occur either because of the crime or due to their court appearance.

Victims’ Services provides them with an advocate who is specifically trained and assigned to address their needs. It is designed to provide emotional and moral support for victims, as well as inform them of their rights under the law, act as a liaison between them and investigators and other agencies, arrange professional counseling and help prepare for court.

Kendra Maloney
Victims Advocate
(803) 289-6351


The Records Division of Lancaster Police Department performs various clerical activities, such as validating and filing reports, preparing copies of reports to the public or courts and taking fingerprints for citizens.

Incident/Accident Reports cost $2 each. Police reports will be available on the second workday after filing of the initial report. Reports filed on the weekend will be available on the following Tuesday afternoon.

Reports CANNOT be faxed. If you would like a copy of an accident or incident report mailed to you, please send a certified check or money order for $2.50 made payable to Lancaster Police Department and a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the following address:

Lancaster Police Department
Records Division
PO Box 1008
Lancaster, SC 29721-1008

For questions, call the Records Division at (803) 283-1175.
To fax a request, dial (803) 286-4632.


The 911 Center at Lancaster Police Department consists of nine telecommunications officers, each having received specialized training at the SC Criminal Justice Academy in Columbia.

Telecommunications officers answer calls for service for Lancaster Police Department and Lancaster Fire Department. Calls for EMS are transferred to the Lancaster County Public Safety Communications Center for dispatching.

The Non-emergency number is (803) 283-3313
911 should only be called in case of an actual emergency.

Call for Complaint on Police Officer Conduct Hotline: 803-804-1718

Call 911 for Emergencies

Lancaster Police Department Citizen Complaint/Commendation Form