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The Finance Department administers the financial and treasury affairs of the City; managing revenues, expenditures, investments, accounting, budget, and debt. As such, the department provides the City’s departments and residents with dependable and efficient quality services in billing and collection of City services, cash management, and other fiscal functions in accordance with legal and professional standards. The Finance Department consists of two divisions: Finance and Utility Services.

Technical areas of responsibility include, but are not limited to:

  • Accounting & Bookkeeping
  • Accounts Payable & Receivable
  • Revenue, Expenditure & Cash Flow Projections
  • Financial reporting
  • Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR)
  • Periodic Financial Reports
  • Utility Services
  • Billing & Collection for Water, Sewer & Garbage
  • Account Maintenance

Department Goals:

  1. To ensure the safety and security of the City’s assets;
  2. Demonstrate accountability, transparency and objectivity;
  3. Provide the financial and accounting resources necessary to support goals and operations of City departments;
  4. Develop, demonstrate and enforce sound financial and internal control policies & procedures; and
  5. Provide quality customer service

The employees in the Finance Department strive to provide efficient, high quality information and support to the residents, community at large and other city departments. We welcome your comments, suggestions and questions; contact the City’s Finance Director, at (803)283-9946 or by email at finance@lancastercitysc.com



The most recent Annual Comprehensive Financial Report contains valuable information as it relates to the overall financial health of the City as of the end of the last completed fiscal year.


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Monthly Finance Reports provide revenue and expenditure information by fund, major revenue groups and city departments. Additionally, monthly reports provide information concerning the City’s actual performance in the current fiscal year as it compares to budgetary expectations.

Monthly Finance Reports

February 2022 Financial Report

January 2022 Financial Report

December 2021 Financial Report

November 2021 Financial Report

October 2021 Financial Report

September 2021 Financial Report

August 2021 Financial Report

July 2021 Financial Report

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20210531 CMFR

20210430 CMFR

20210331 CMFR

20210228 CMFR

20210131 CMFR

December 2020 CMFR

November 2020 CMFR

October 2020 CMFR

September 2020 CMFR

August 2020 CMFR

July 2020 CMFR

Monthly Check Registers include the vendor, amount paid and a brief description of the purchase for our citizens to review.

Check Register


July 2023 APCR

June 2023 APCR

May 2023 APCR

April 2023 APCR

March 2023 APCR

February 2023 APCR

January 2023 APCR

December 2022 APCR

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