The Patrol Division consists of a Captain that is assigned as the division commander, four Lieutenants, four Sergeants, four Corporals and fourteen Patrol Officers.  Officers in the Patrol Division are responsible for answering service calls, enforcing traffic laws and investigating collisions, warrant service, primary tactical response, and order maintenance.

The Patrol Division is divided up into four watches/shifts, commonly referred to as A, B, C, and D Watches.  Each consists of a Lieutenant, a Sergeant, a Corporal and three officers and they work twelve-hour permanent shifts.   In addition, there are two officers assigned to work a split shift to provide maximum coverage during peak hours.

The patrol officers are ranked as Private, Private First Class or Lance Corporal.  Private First Class and Lance Corporal are noncompetitive positions and are earned based upon merit and time in service. Officers may receive a rank and/or salary higher than entry-level (Patrolman) for law enforcement certifications, college education, military service, and other qualities desirable in police officers. Patrol officers residing within the city limits may have a patrol vehicle issued to them.

Officers are issued all gear required for patrol duties including .40 caliber Glock, pistol mount flashlight, Stinger flashlight, walkie-talkie, pepper spray, X-26 Taser, and body armor. New uniforms are obtained annually.

Each patrol car is equipped with a radar, in-car camera, laptop computer, global positioning unit (used for accident investigations), a 12 gauge shotgun and Bushmaster .223 Assault Rifles, bars that cover the back windows which keep them from being kicked out by prisoners,  plastic “safety” seats in the back to prevent contraband from being hidden, and a partition/shield between the front and back seats.  In addition, the supervisor’s patrol car is equipped with a Thermal Imaging System and an Automated External Defibrillator.

Patrol Captain 

Patrol Division Commander

Lancaster Police Department